Top 10 Ways To Deal With Loud Upstairs Neighbors

To Stop Stomping Ask Your Upstairs Neighbors

Do you find it frustrating when you hear every footstep and movement from your Loud Upstairs Neighbors? Although there are benefits to living in an apartment or multi-story structure, one drawback might be dealing with the noise made by neighbors above you. It’s extremely disturbing that according to recently completed research, 30 million Americans are … Read more

How to Soundproof a Room for Drums: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Soundproof a Room for Drums

Drumming is an exhilarating and passionate musical expression. However, especially in residential regions or an apartment, their loud nature might frequently disturb your neighbors or other family members. Soundproofing your drum room is crucial whether you’re a dedicated drummer trying to practice without disturbing others or a studio owner hoping to create the ideal recording … Read more