7 Best Noise Recorders For Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

Suppose your upstairs neighbors are constantly making too much noise. How do you convince them, to stop? It is difficult to relax or concentrate when there is constant stomping, loud music, or late-night parties.

If you are surrounded, by loud and rowdy people, what should you do?

You probably tried politely talking to them about incessant noise and its effect on your health and peace if you’re like me. Did it work? Maybe this way didn’t work if I’m right.

Recording the noise can be helpful if you’ve reached a breaking point and want to take action.

If so, you are not alone. Dealing with loud neighbors may be a difficult experience, but fortunately, some noise recorder devices can help you record and capture the noise, giving you a proof to solve the issue.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the options you have for correctly capturing and documenting noise disruptions.

We’ll go through the top Seven noise recorders that can capture noise coming from your upstairs neighbors so you can get information and deal with the problem effectively.

So, let’s get started.

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Why Record Upstairs Neighbor Noise?

Your upstairs neighbors’ noise should be recorded for two reasons.

The first benefit is that it enables, you to keep a record of the disruptions ensuring that you have proof to support your claims.

In addition, it assists you in precisely describing the kind and level of noise to your neighbors or the appropriate authorities, increasing your chances of finding a workable solution.

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Is it OKAY to record your noisy neighbor?

best device to record noise from upstairs neighbors, Is It OKAY to Record Your Noisy Neighbor?

Understanding the legal considerations surrounding audio recording is important before you begin, recording noise.

The rules regarding audio recording differ from nation to nation and even state to state. In general, recording noise on your property is OK as long as it is not done for illegal purposes.

When recording noise from upstairs neighbors, it’s crucial to be aware of potential legal issues.

To ensure compliance and prevent any legal issues, research local laws and rules relevant to audio recording in your region.

Therefore, the ideal option is to get a noise recorder so that you may record the noise without invading their privacy.

Buying Guide For the Best Device to Record Noise from Upstairs Neighbors

Having strong proof is essential when dealing with loud neighbors. To successfully address noise concerns, a high-quality noise recording may be necessary. But not every noise recorder is made equal.

In this comprehensive buying guide, we’ll walk you through the key variables to take into account when choosing the finest noise recorder to help you catch and document the disruptions your neighbors produce.

By adhering to these rules, you’ll be prepared to make an intelligent choice and make sure your noise concerns are treated seriously.

1. The Range of Recording

When looking for the finest noise-recording devices, the range is one of the most important considerations. You should be able to record the noises in your room using the correct noise recorder.

Keep in mind that there are many obstacles behind you and the source of the noise. Therefore, it would be ideal if you had a reliable recorder to catch far-off airborne annoyance noise.

You then need to think about the audio quality. The ideal sound recorder should capture the noises and provide them with a passable level of quality.

They need to be certain that everything you claimed to have recorded happened, therefore you don’t want your evidence of your neighbor’s loudness to be disregarded.

2. Quality of audio: Reliable and clear

In addition to the recording range, your noise recorder’s audio quality is crucial.

The top noise recorders are made to capture noises with exceptional clarity and provide trustworthy proof.

The noise recorder you use must have an acceptable audio quality to remove any potential issues regarding the authenticity of your recordings.

This will make sure that your evidence of your neighbor’s loudness is unquestionable and irrefutably

3. Dynamic or Condenser

The audio quality of your noise recorder is greatly influenced by its built-in microphone. The two main categories of microphones to take into account are dynamic and condenser.

Dynamic Microphone: A dynamic microphone is your best option if your main objective is to record the loud, upsetting sound your neighbor is making.

This kind of microphone is ideal for this job because it was created particularly to handle loud sounds.

Dynamic microphones also provide an additional benefit known as omnidirectionality, which means they can pick up sound coming from any direction, providing complete coverage.

Condenser Microphone: Condenser mics, on the other hand, are better suited for recording higher frequencies and low noise. They are excellent at recording fine sounds with greater sensitivity.

However, condenser mics are not the best choice for capturing obtrusive sounds from neighbors. They only capture sound in the direction they are facing since they are directional.

Depending on your unique needs, it is advised to select a noise recorder with a dynamic microphone since it provides the greatest performance for collecting and documenting disruptions from noisy neighbors.

4. Control

It’s crucial to take the control system and convenience of use into consideration to guarantee the most effective and efficient usage of your noise recorder.

It can be tedious and time-consuming to set up complex recording equipment with many settings, which may result in you missing important noise cues.

Choose a noise recorder with an easy-to-use control scheme to prevent this. By doing this, you may avoid getting overtaken by complicated settings and concentrate on recording the noise.

This will make sure that your supporting information is convincing and reliable.

5. Warranty

When purchasing any electronic product, including a noise recorder, it is a good idea to think about the guarantee that the manufacturer provides.

A warranty is a reliable sign of the performance and quality of a product. Manufacturers who provide warranties show that they have faith in their goods.

Therefore, I don’t recommend purchasing a recorder without a warranty, so you can be protected if it falls short.

Having warranty insurance gives you security in case the product fails to live up to expectations or breaks down. It’s a precaution that gives you confidence and peace of mind about your purchase.

8 best devices to record noise from upstairs neighbors

Let’s now explore the top Seven noise recorders on the market, which will help you deal with your loud upstairs neighbors. Consider your preferences and needs while selecting a noise recorder:

1. EVISTR 64GB Digital Voice Recorder

Consider buying the EVISTR 64GB Digital Voice Recorder. if you’re seeking an affordable way to collect proof against noisy neighbors.

This small recorder provides the functionality you need without unnecessary features, enabling you to compile solid evidence without going over budget.

A large 2500mAh battery within the EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder enables 20 hours of nonstop recording or 35 hours of playback time. having a rapid charge time of just two hours.

It’s crucial to keep the device, charged because the battery life can vary depending on usage.

The EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder has a sleek portable design, that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. Even those without substantial technical understanding, can use it easily because of its user-friendly interface and clearly labeled buttons.

For identifying and resolving the problem, the EVISTR 64GB Digital Voice Recorder proves to be an important tool. It gives you the power to gather evidence effectively, ensuring that your concerns are taken seriously.

Its amazing recording capabilities, vast storage capacity, and user-friendly interface make this possible. You may recover the calm and serenity of your home with the help of the EVISTR 64GB Digital Voice Recorder.


  • High-Quality Audio
  • Long Battery Life
  • Versatile Functionality


  • External microphones are not supported

2. Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder

The ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder offers long recording sessions without interruption thanks to its long battery life.

This feature is especially useful when dealing with persistent noise disturbances since it allows you to rely on the recorder to consistently record audio for a long time before the batteries need to be recharged or replaced.

The recorder’s simple USB connection allows for quick file transfers, making it simple to arrange and present your evidence when discussing the matter with concerned parties.

The ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder produces crisp, clear recordings that make it possible to record noise disruptions caused by noisy neighbors.

Its in-built microphone precisely records sound, ensuring that every detail is recorded and providing significant evidence to properly resolve the situation.

The Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder has a small 4GB of internal memory storage, so please be aware of that.

Although this capacity only allows for up to 59 hours, of high-quality audio capture, it still provides a considerable amount of recording time.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that this gadget does not permit the use of an external SD card if you need even more recording space.

When it comes to dealing with noisy neighbors, the Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder proves to be an invaluable tool.

You can acquire precise and convincing evidence because of its excellent recording quality, user-friendly design, and long battery life.

The Sony ICD-PX370 makes sure that you have the essential proof to address the issue properly and return peace to your living environment, whether you are trying to resolve it with neighbors or escalating it to higher authorities.


  • Clear and Crisp Recordings
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy File Transfer


  • Lack of Built-in Storage

3. Zoom H6 All-Black Portable Recorder

Dual microphones on the Zoom H6 All Black deliver crystal-clear, high-fidelity audio capture. The recorder’s exceptional sound quality makes it possible to precisely capture noise issues driven on by noisy neighbors.

Regardless of loud music, conversation, or other annoying activities, the H6 All Black ensures that every detail is captured with remarkable clarity.

The ZOOM H6 is the ideal partner for professionals even though it may not be able to capture noise as well as the G L87 in the most demanding conditions.

Long recording sessions are no problem for the ZOOM H6 because of its amazing battery life.

With the ability to record continuously for more than 20 hours, you may confidently start time-consuming projects without worrying about running out of power.

This durability guarantees that you may concentrate on getting the ideal shot without distractions or the need to frequently recharge.

The Zoom H6 All Black’s dual microphones provide clear, high-fidelity audio capture.

Due to the recorder’s remarkable sound quality, noise problems brought on by noisy neighbors can be precisely documented.

The H6 All Black makes sure that every detail is caught with astounding clarity, regardless of whether there is loud music, conversation, or other obtrusive activities.

The Zoom H6 All Black provides unmatched recording versatility with its four XLR/TRS inputs.

This increases your possibilities for recording various kinds of audio by enabling you to connect external microphones or line-level sources.

The recorder supports a large variety of inputs, enabling professional-grade sound capture whether you prefer utilizing condenser microphones or other high-quality equipment.

Powerhouse equipment that excels in capturing and documenting noise problems brought on by noisy neighbors is the Zoom H6 All Black 6-Track Portable Recorder.

This recorder is an indispensable tool for podcasters, musicians, and anyone who needs to record audio evidence because of its high-quality recording capabilities, extensible inputs, SD card storage, USB audio interface functionality, and portable design.

The Zoom H6 All Black provides the adaptability, performance, and toughness required to efficiently address noise challenges while preserving outstanding sound quality.


  • ultra HD High-Quality Recording
  • Versatile Inputs
  • Long battery life


  • Price

4. Dictopro Digital Voice Activated Recorder

The Dictopro recorder was created with simplicity in mind and has a user-friendly layout and simple controls.

You can transport it easily to many areas because of its portable, lightweight, and compact design.

All users, regardless of technical ability, will have a seamless recording experience because of the strategically positioned buttons and the crystal-clear LCD screen.

The Dictopro Digital Voice Activated Recorder has a lot of storage space, so you may record for a long period.

You have enough room on its 8GB internal memory to record several occurrences of noise disruption periods period.

Take the use of two dynamic noise reduction microphones that are incredibly sensitive, allowing you to record conversations quietly and clearly from up to 40 feet away. The outcomes are amazing.

The Dictopro Digital Voice Activated Recorder boasts a sturdy, lightweight white aluminum body that ensures a comfortable grip for long recording sessions. However, my excitement for this equipment goes beyond its impressive design.

When it comes to recording and documenting noise disruptions caused by noisy neighbors, the Dictopro Digital Voice Activated Recorder proves to be an invaluable tool.

It gives you the ability, to record and preserve compelling evidence because of its high audio quality, large storage space, user-friendly design, and long battery life.

The Dictopro recorder makes sure that you have the essential evidence to solve the issue successfully and return tranquility to your living space, whether you are dealing with noise concerns with neighbors.


  • User-Friendly Design
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • 8GB Storage Capacity


  • confusing operating instructions

5. GARMAY Digital Voice Recorder

The GARMAY Digital Voice Recorder has a 32-hour battery life and a voice-activated recorder, both of which are amazing features.

assuring that it won’t require frequent recharging so that it can accompany you during long recording sessions.

You may count on its steady power to successfully record loud disturbances and capture pivotal moments.

Via a supplied Micro USB cable, it is simple to charge and, record equipment or transfer recordings to a computer.

The GARMAY Digital Voice Recorder’s 48GB, 72GB, and 80GB storage options are its key selling point.

You can record and retain a lot of audio content because of the outstanding internal capacity, which enables lengthy recording sessions and several noise interruptions.

This roomy storage ensures that you’ll have enough room to gather and retain crucial evidence.

The user-friendly design of the GARMAY Digital Voice Recorder improves the recording process. Operating the recorder is simple and hassle-free thanks to its user-friendly interface and simple controls.

The gadget is portable and comfortable to hold throughout lengthy recording sessions due to its small size and lightweight design.

For recording noise problems brought on by noisy neighbors, the GARMAY Digital Voice Recorder is a trustworthy and effective tool.

With its ample storage, improved recording capabilities, user-friendly design, and long battery life, this recorder gives you the tools you need to gather and preserve strong evidence.

The GARMAY recorder gives you the tools you need to properly address the issue and return peace to your living space, whether you’re dealing with noise complaints from neighbors or providing proof to the appropriate authorities.


  • Ample Storage Capacity
  • Long Battery Life
  • Intuitive User-Friendly Design


  • Lack of Advanced Features

6. EVIDA 32GB Digital Voice Recorder

The EVIDA 32GB Digital Voice Recorder’s large 32GB internal capacity is its most notable feature. You can record and save a lot of audio content with much room to spare, enabling lengthy recording sessions and several noise interruptions. This capacity means, that you will have enough space to record and retain crucial information without having to worry about running out of storage.

up to 54 hours of continuous recording time, with a fully charged battery, or 2324 hours of recording time, or 10,000 songs. The format of the recording can be pre-set as mp3 at 128 or 192 kbps or wav at 1536 kbps. An excellent audio recorder for meetings, lectures, and discussions.

The EVIDA recorder ensures continuous recording sessions with dependable battery performance. Its lengthy battery life enables you to record noise disturbances without being concerned about the recorder losing power. When dealing with persistent or long noise problems that need continuous recording, this capability is especially beneficial.

The EVIDA 32GB Digital Voice Recorder is a useful tool for recording and resolving issues with noisy neighbors. It gives you the ability to record and keep strong evidence thanks to its large storage capacity, crystal-clear audio recording, user-friendly interface extra features, and long battery life.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Long Battery Life
  • Clear Audio Recording


  • External Storage Limitation

7. 72GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder

The 72GB Digital Voice Recorder has simple settings and an intuitive user interface, making it simple to use.

The buttons have been carefully placed to enable simple navigation and quick access to key features.

Long recording sessions may be done without feeling uncomfortable because of its ergonomic design and lightweight. A flawless recording experience is ensured by the user-friendly design.

With voice activation technology, the recorder automatically starts and stops recording when a sound is detected.

When recording noise disturbances, this feature comes in quite handy because it eliminates the need to manually start and stop recording, saving both battery life and storage space.

With the speech(over 60db), auto start recording voice activation capability, you may reliably and continuously document noise incidents without missing any important moments.

A built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery can record continuously for up to 45 hours.8Gb flash memory has a 580-hour recording capacity.

The 72GB Digital Voice Recorder with Voice Activation is a complete recording solution for identifying and resolving issues with noisy neighbors.

Users are effectively able to capture and preserve convincing evidence thanks to its huge storage capacity, voice activation capability, higher audio quality, user-friendly design, and extra functionalities.

With the 72GB Digital Voice Recorder, you can be confident that you have the evidence you need to handle the loud problems and bring peace back to your area, whether you decide to resolve the issue with your neighbors or escalate it to the appropriate authorities.


  • Long Battery Life
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Voice Activation Capability


  • Lack of Advanced Features

FAQ: best device to record noise from upstairs neighbors

A good technique to deal with noise issues and clear up conflicts is to record noise coming from above neighbors.

You may gather data and paint a precise picture of the issue by selecting the appropriate recording equipment depending on aspects like audio quality, storage capacity, battery life, and portability.

Keep in mind to use the recording equipment carefully and to take legal factors into account.

You may take control of the problem and reestablish harmony in your living space with the appropriate methods and instruments.

Q1. How to record the upstairs neighbor stomping?

Ans: To record the upstairs neighbor stomping, palace on a microphone or smartphone on a stable surface near the ceiling. Use a voice recording app or device to capture the noise. Ensure it doesn’t violate any privacy laws.

Q2. Can you record noise on your phone?

Ans: Yes, your phone can record sound. You can either download a voice recording app from your app store or find one integrated into the majority of devices. Place your phone close to the noise source, then launch the app to begin recording.

Q3. How long should I record noise incidents for evidence?

Ans: It is advisable to record noise incidents for an adequate duration to establish a pattern. A few weeks of consistent recording should provide sufficient evidence to support your claims.

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